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Slow food? Let’s try slow college

Mar. 1, 2018—For years, the slow food movement has made the case for meals as a catalyst for community: the right ingredients plus sufficient time equals something much greater than the sum of its parts. The same equation holds true when it comes to educating our nation's future citizens, writes Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos in this op-ed on

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Henderson, Krauthammer to join Zeppos, Meacham for post-election talk Nov. 15

Oct. 25, 2016—Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos will host CNN's Nia-Malika Henderson, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer and Distinguished Visiting Professor Jon Meacham for a discussion Nov. 15 exploring the 2016 presidential election.

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Kimberly Bryant, BE’89, featured as one of the CNN 10 visionary women

Mar. 26, 2014—CNN has recognized Kimberly Bryant, BE’89, and her efforts to teach black girls computer coding, in The CNN 10: Visionary Women. The list celebrates Women’s History Month by highlighting the efforts of 10 women “who are helping other women find success, self-esteem and sometimes a safe haven.”

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CNN Opinion: Has the NSA gone rogue?

Oct. 31, 2013—Although the NSA may not conduct queries or examine content unless it or a court determines that “national security” is at stake, national security is apparently at stake quite often, if the recent reports about monitoring hundreds of thousands of foreigners’ calls as well as the calls of foreign leaders are true, writes Christopher Slobogin, Milton R. Underwood Professor of Law.

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Environmental wunderkind and Vanderbilt student Param Jaggi to be featured on CNN’s ‘The Next List’

Apr. 4, 2013—Param Jaggi, the Vanderbilt sophomore honored multiple times over for creating cost-effective inventions to clean the air and rescue the environment, will be profiled in a one-hour special on CNN this weekend.

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