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Dillehay receives $510K to study role of gold mining in colonization of South America

Aug. 20, 2018—Anthropology professor Tom Dillehay and co-investigators will undertake anthropological, historical, engineering and geological studies to uncover the many forces shaping the development of the southern Andes.

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Dark Side of the Mound: Vanderbilt researchers unearth clues to a mysterious Peruvian archaeological site

May. 29, 2017—By Seth Robertson   About 7,500 years ago a construction project of almost unfathomable scope began taking shape along the Pacific coast of what is today northern Peru. Initially a low-lying ceremonial mound, it would become in 4,000 years’ time a monument of staggering size—100 feet tall, 320 feet long and 180 feet wide—as generations...

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Museum dedicated to Vanderbilt archaeologist’s work to be built in Chile

Mar. 23, 2017—Tom Dillehay's discoveries at Monte Verde in southern Chile revolutionized the understanding of how and when the Americas were first peopled.

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Chile could expect more protests: LAPOP

Oct. 10, 2013—Analysts with Vanderbilt's LAPOP team say Chilean authorities might want to brace for more civil discord in that country.

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Are protests in Brazil just the beginning?

Aug. 5, 2013—Protests may spread from Brazil to other Latin American nations with similar conditions, says a report from Vanderbilt University’s Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP).

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Education is the key to promoting political participation: Vanderbilt poll

Jun. 25, 2012—One of the most important factors influencing citizens to participate actively in political campaigns in the Americas is education, according to a survey conducted by Vanderbilt University. “Working for a political party or campaign is uncommon,” the researchers wrote in a report about the survey, issued June 25 by the Latin American Public Opinion Project...

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Victimization by government corruption important for coup support

May. 16, 2012—Withholding aid from governments with a reputation for corruption can have a "vicious cycle" effect that makes it very difficult for them to progress, according to analysis from the 2010 AmericasBarometer survey by The Latin American Public Opinion Project at Vanderbilt University.

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Renowned Vanderbilt anthropologist holder of new Rebecca Webb Wilson chair

Jan. 10, 2011—Tom D. Dillehay, internationally recognized for ground-breaking and highly interdisciplinary scientific research, has been named the Rebecca Webb Wilson University Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, Religion and Culture at Vanderbilt University.

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