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For female mosquitoes, two sets of odor sensors are better than one

Mar. 15, 2017—A team of Vanderbilt biologists has found that the malaria mosquito has a second complete set of odor receptors that are specially tuned to human scents.

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When mitochondrial genes act up

Jul. 12, 2016—A team of Vanderbilt scientists have identified some of the methods that mutant mitochondrial DNA use to circumvent the molecular mechanisms that cells use to regulate mitochondrial activity.

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Researcher attacking Zika virus by stirring up mosquitoes’ taste buds

Jun. 28, 2016—Summer is here, and the United States is bracing for the mosquito-transmitted Zika virus. A Vanderbilt researcher is working on one way to stop the spread of the disease – by revving up the mosquito’s taste buds.

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Vanderbilt biologist David McCauley has died

Nov. 4, 2015—Vanderbilt mourns the death of biologist, researcher and teacher David E. McCauley, who is remembered as an "inspiring, genuine and incredibly intelligent scientist."

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HHMI, Gates Foundation and Simons Foundation 2016 Faculty Scholars Competition

Mar. 26, 2015—Vanderbilt is one of 220 institutions whose scholars are invited to apply to a new competition.

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Elsie Quarterman, who rediscovered Tennessee coneflower, dies at 103

Jun. 12, 2014—Elsie Quarterman, the first woman to serve as an academic department chair at Vanderbilt and who is best known for her work on the ecology of Tennessee cedar glades, has died.

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Vanderbilt students named 2014 Goldwater winners

Mar. 25, 2014—Three Vanderbilt students have been recognized in this year’s Goldwater Scholars competition. The scholarship is the premier undergraduate award of its type for the fields of mathematics, the natural sciences and engineering.

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VUCast: Mosquito sperm can smell

Mar. 4, 2014—See how a discovery about mosquito sperm could fight deadly disease; learn where to click for the coolest original music created by Vanderbilt students; and tour the newest evolution of College Halls. All this and more in the latest VUCast, Vanderbilt’s online newscast. Watch now.

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Hothouse for Scientists: Undergraduates work alongside seasoned researchers

Jul. 9, 2012—The Systems Biology and Bioengineering Undergraduate Research Experience Searle Undergraduate Research Initiative is one of only a handful of multiyear, year-round undergraduate research programs in the nation.

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