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artificial intelligence

Vanderbilt, Tennessee Department of Transportation awarded grant from U.S. Department of Transportation to enhance I-24 Smart Corridor development with Artificial Intelligence

Jul. 21, 2020—Vanderbilt University researchers have been tapped to deploy artificial intelligence techniques to mitigate the frequency of traffic and accidents along the Interstate 24 Smart Corridor, which stretches from Nashville to Murfreesboro.

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Vanderbilt researcher optimizing public transit with Artificial Intelligence

Jul. 10, 2020—Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Abhishek Dubey is applying artificial intelligence to address how the essential public transit systems of Nashville and Chattanooga—WeGo Public Transit and CARTA, respectively—can maintain social distancing protocols and proactively plan bus routes and schedules in response to COVID-19.

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Artificial intelligence offers a chance to optimize COVID-19 treatment in international partnership

May. 29, 2020—Jonathan Irish joins an international collaboration by deploying artificial intelligence to optimize COVID-19 treatment and vaccine development.

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Algorithm helps improve coronary calcium detection

Feb. 13, 2020—A new algorithm for artificial intelligence-assisted calcium scoring can accurately determine cardiovascular risk across a range of CT scans and in a racially diverse population.

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Vanderbilt Bytes into Data Science: New programs in a revolutionary field will foster discovery, collaboration and learning across campus

Sep. 6, 2018—Data science likely will revolutionize a number of disciplines in the coming years. Yet Vanderbilt experts say we’ve barely reached the beginning stages of unlocking the full potential of data science—or understanding how to use it responsibly.

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Artificial intelligence thinks like people with autism, used to develop educational tools

Sep. 5, 2017—Inspired by Temple Grandin, Assistant Professor of Computer Science Maithilee Kunda figured out how to create artificial intelligence that emulates image-based thinking.

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Curious what Congress will do? PredictGov has a pretty good idea

Apr. 7, 2017—PredictGov pulls from decades of congressional data plus hundreds of variables, including the bill’s sponsor, amendments, economic trends and political shifts.

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Law school to host conference with top minds in artificial intelligence

Mar. 1, 2016—Vanderbilt Law School will host a conference on the role of artificial intelligence in the legal profession April 13-14.

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