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Oguz uses ACCRE supercomputer daily for medical image analysis

Jan. 30, 2020—For 17 years, Vanderbilt students and researchers have analyzed data with a method much faster than any normal laptop: a supercomputer steps away from the Commons Center. The Advanced Computing Center for Research and Education (ACCRE), which originated in 2003, is housed in the Hill Center.

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New faculty advisory committee to develop research IT services and resources on campus

Oct. 9, 2018—A new faculty advisory committee has been convened to prioritize communication, security, programming, networking and storage resource needs as they relate to research.

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Understanding HDL structure

May. 3, 2018—Structural features of newly formed HDL particles will help guide understanding of “good cholesterol” and its function.

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High-performance computing topic of two-day event

May. 18, 2015—XSEDE, a large NSF-founded organization specializing in high-performance computing, is hosting a free outreach event at Vanderbilt June 10-11. XSEDE staff will provide an overview of and training on research computing tools and resources.

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Tools for exploring ‘omics’ data

May. 18, 2015—The NetGestalt computing portal integrates vast amounts of data to aid users in finding biologically and clinically relevant information.

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‘White matter’ behaves differently in children with dyslexia

Oct. 29, 2014—Trans-institutional neuroimaging research at Vanderbilt finds that the brain may be structured differently in children with dyslexia.

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