Vanderbilt announces search for new ACCRE executive director

Vanderbilt University

The search is on for a new executive director for the Advanced Computing Center for Research and Education. As part of the Office of Research and Innovation, ACCRE is a key resource for Vanderbilt investigators who use its vast interconnected computer system to handle big data and accelerate complex computational research tasks.  

Paul Sheldon, professor of physics and astronomy, who co-founded ACCRE in 2003 and is the center’s faculty adviser, and Borden Lacy, Edward and Nancy Fody Chair in Pathology and professor of biochemistry and pathology, microbiology and immunology, will co-chair the committee.  

“The search for ACCRE’s next executive director is of paramount importance,” Vice Provost for Research and Innovation Padma Raghavan said. “It’s rooted in our drive to lead in computational resources for research excellence and innovative breakthroughs.”

ACCRE stands as a testament to Vanderbilt’s dedication to expanding research resources as part of Discovery Vanderbilt and OVPRI. Last year Vanderbilt invested nearly $1 million for a new high-performance storage system for ACCRE. This enhancement helped more than 3,000 researchers by offering more storage space and reducing system downtime. 

In addition to maintaining ACCRE’s systems, the center’s staff assist investigators by answering questions, explaining resources and offering suggestions.  

The search committee members are: 


  • Committee Co-Chair Paul Sheldon, ACCRE faculty director, professor of physics 
  • Committee Co-Chair Borden Lacy, Edward and Nancy Fody Chair in Pathology and professor of biochemistry and pathology, microbiology and immunology 
  • Charreau Bell, assistant professor of the practice of computer science, senior data scientist at the Data Science Institute and faculty director of Vanderbilt’s undergraduate data science minor 
  • Brett Byram, associate professor of biomedical engineering and Hoy Family Faculty Fellow 
  • Victoria Greene, Stevenson Professor of Physics 
  • Bennett Landman, professor and chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the School of Engineering 
  • Hassane Mchaourab, Louise B. McGavock Professor and professor of molecular physiology and biophysics 
  • Douglas C. Schmidt, Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Engineering (computer science)   
  • Jesse Spencer-Smith, professor of the practice of computer science, chief data scientist and interim director of the Data Science Institute 


  • Jennifer Bischoff, executive director for research operations 
  • Jess Evans, associate vice chancellor and chief information officer 
  • Lindsey Fox, associate director of research IT 
  • Hunter Hagewood, director of research computing operations for ACCRE 
  • Jean Mercer, senior assistant provost for Sponsored Programs Administration and Compliance 
  • Liane Moneta-Koehler, assistant provost for Research Integrity and Compliance 
  • Joanne Spitz, executive director of Research Development and Support