WATCH: VU Staff Q&A Series – Destiny Rumble, Career Center

In a series on the Vanderbilt Instagram account, students can get to know some of the dedicated staff who play a crucial role in creating a welcoming and supportive environment for them. This installment features Destiny Rumble, assistant director of immersive experiences and treks at the Vanderbilt Career Center. In her role, she helps envision and implement programs and resources, including financial support awards, to help students learn more about different career pathways, industries and immersion opportunities.

Stay tuned for more Q&A sessions with staff members at Vanderbilt, whose daily efforts help shape positive experiences for the entire university community.

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Watch Destiny’s Q&A Session: 

Can you share an example of an immersive trek you helped plan?

I’ve really enjoyed all of the career treks that I’ve been a part of planning, but one that has really stuck out to me is the New York Corporate Inclusion Trek. We’ve hosted two of these treks so far, for underrepresented students to learn about corporate inclusion in the workplace. We’ve been able to send around 18 to 20 students for each of the two treks that I mentioned and really engage with employers that are dedicated to DEI processes and corporate inclusion in the workplace. We’ve been able to engage with companies like Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Bloomingdales, L’Oreal, among many others. In total, I think we have partnered with over 50 companies and alumni.

Why should students take advantage of immersive experiences and treks?

Immersive experience and treks provide students with a firsthand exposure to different career pathways. It also allows students to engage with employers and alumni for networking opportunities, which can hopefully lead to internships or job offers or any other future opportunities like mentorships.

What cities can students go on treks to?

So this can depend on which offerings we have. They differ from year to year, but a few cities that we visited in the past include New York, Houston, Atlanta, L.A. and even here in Nashville. We are hoping to expand our offerings and visit other cities with booming industries for students to really understand different career pathways and explore the cities that they might live in in the future.

How do you keep all these experiences accessible to all students, regardless of major?

So all of our immersive experiences and treks are open to all students. It doesn’t matter what your major is. We do have some that are focused on different industries, but if you’re open to exploring that industry and learning more about the different career paths, you’re welcome to attend those different programs. For instance, we had a trek in Houston that focused on energy and tech, and then we’ve had some in New York focused on finance and business or fashion and beauty. So the real goal of all of our trips and immersive experiences is exploration.

How can I learn about upcoming treks?

You can find those on Handshake. We will have either an application for a trek or immersive experience or just an event where you can RSVP. So make sure to log in a handshake, update your profile and make sure that your industry preferences are aligned with your career journey. That way, we can send targeted marketing to you for those specific and focused treks or immersive experiences that might align with your interests.

Does Vanderbilt offer career services for international job opportunities?

Absolutely. Interstride is a job platform that all students have access to and can find jobs for international-identifying students, as well as opportunities that may be abroad.

What is the most fulfilling part of your job at the Career Center?

Being able to provide students with opportunities to learn about different career pathways and really immerse themselves into their career journey. A lot of the students that are in the immersive experience programs that we host can make more educated decisions about their career pathways. So that’s something that is very passionate for me in helping the students understand better. I also help support our Financial Support rewards program for students that are completing summer internships and may need funding. So that’s something that, me coming from a first-gen, low income household is very near and dear to my heart: being able to help students have the opportunity to complete internships.

What is the best thing about Vanderbilt?

My favorite thing about Vanderbilt is the community here. I think even in my position at the Career Center, the staff members and the students that I get to interact with on a daily basis really bring a lot of passion to my work. And it’s something that I’m eager to wake up every day and interact with those different stakeholders across campus.

What do you like to do around Nashville?

I like to explore all of the different pop-up shops and markets that come across Nashville. One of my favorites is the Shops at Porter East. I like to see all the local vendors and artists that come there. And admittedly, my favorite vendor is Black Box Ice Cream Truck, and they’re always at Shops at Porter East for their first Sunday markets.