Introducing the Curious Bar: An employee hub for personalized support and innovation

A pair of hands hold a floating lightbulb with a brain as the light, representing innovation.

People, Culture and Belonging will launch the Curious Bar, a new in-person hub for employees, on April 3. Located in Rand Hall in the promenade outside Room 210, the hub will pop up every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

Inspired by the Apple Genius Bar, the Curious Bar will provide a dynamic approach to fostering belonging and continuous learning and innovation among members of the Vanderbilt community. No appointments are needed. 

The Curious Bar has a dual purpose: 

  • To provide personalized support and assistance related to areas within People, Culture and Belonging. 
  • To provide a space for employee collaboration, innovation and continuous learning. 

Personalized support and assistance 

The Curious Bar will revolutionize the way People, Culture and Belonging provides support and assistance. Whether employees seek guidance on equal access, health and wellness, Human Resources, payroll, employee records, military transition or Total Rewards, hub staffers can cater to each unique need. 

Innovation, collaboration and continuous learning 

The Curious Bar will also provide a welcoming environment that encourages employees to bring forward innovative ideas to improve areas of the university and explore opportunities for personal professional development and career advancement.  

For example: 

  • If someone has a skill unrelated to their current position, they could learn about other positions or opportunities within Vanderbilt to utilize that skill.  
  • Someone could recognize an opportunity for a more efficient process within their own team and bring it to the hub for collaboration and refinement. 

“We’re very excited to launch our Curious Bar. Cultivating an environment of continuous growth and innovation is paramount to a university’s success as a destination for top talent,” said Vice Chancellor for People, Culture and Belonging Sydney Savion. “The Curious Bar also embodies our commitment to provide personalized support and resources for all Vanderbilt employees.”