Graduate School’s fall career colloquium provides insights, headshots, connections

The Graduate School hosted a Fall Career Colloquium, co-sponsored by the Career Center and International Student and Scholar Services, from Oct. 2 to Oct. 5.  

Faculty, alumni and industry experts came together to share tools and knowledge to help empower graduate students to excel in their future careers. 

The colloquium covered a variety of topics, including preparing for interviews, leveraging international experience and transitioning from graduate school into academic or industry-based roles.  

Graduate School alumni who now work at Amazon, Headspace, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Paypal, Penn State and LSU spoke to students about their transition from graduate school into professional roles and shared best practices for networking and interviewing. 

Peabody graduate student Jordan Jurinsky attended two panel presentations, Pathway to Academia and Pathway to Industry. The academic panel provided guidance on building an academic portfolio and navigating the academic job market. The industry panel emphasized the need to translate academic experiences into industry-specific language. 

“I was particularly struck by the realization that my graduate school skills are highly marketable. It’s up to me to align them with industry roles,” Jurinsky said. “Both sessions helped me evaluate my career readiness and strategize my next steps.”