Vanderbilt Campus Dining launches ‘Get Well Meals’ program to support sick students

Vanderbilt University Campus Dining is proud to announce the launch of its new Get Well Meals program. This program is designed to provide nourishing and comforting meals to students who are not feeling well, ensuring that they receive the care and support they need while not able to visit dining halls.

To start your order, simply text “Vandysick” to 55744 on a mobile phone or complete this online form.  Get Well Meal pickup locations are Commons Munchie Mart, Kissam Munchie Mart, Highland Munchie Mart and Branscomb Munchie Mart. Too sick to pick it up yourself? We’ll allow a friend to pick it up for you. Meals are deducted as a meal swipe, and students can use this service as needed throughout the year.

If you require urgent assistance, please call the Student Health Center at 615-322-2427. For emergencies, dial 911, or go immediately to the emergency department.

If you think you have the common cold or flu, follow these tips:

  • Cover your cough – into your elbow, arm or tissue
  • Wash your hands often – at least 30 seconds is recommended
  • Avoid close contact with others
  • Stay hydrated and get plenty of rest
  • Seek care at Student Health if your symptoms persist

For more information about the Get Well Meals program, including menu options and ordering details, please visit

The best way to reduce the risk of getting and spreading the flu is by receiving the flu vaccination. Get your flu shot at Flulapalooza on Sept. 27, and view other resources for health and wellness during the season of illness.

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