‘Let’s Talk’: Making mental health the next normal 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and Vanderbilt’s Office of Health and Wellness is reminding the university community of resources available to address mental health challenges. 

Sadly, mental health remains a taboo topic for many people, which can create unhelpful silence around these issues. The fear of saying the wrong thing or making someone uncomfortable can deter people from mentioning what they are experiencing. 

Many people assume that mental health difficulties affect only a small percentage of the population and that expert support is relevant only if you’re diagnosed with a mental illness, like an anxiety disorder or depression. These beliefs can lead people to wait until they are experiencing significant difficulty, or even a crisis, before getting help.  

When we have a physical issue — a broken leg or chronic headaches — we go to a medical professional for help. Unfortunately, we sometimes hesitate to seek the same level of professional support when our symptoms are emotional or psychological. Learning more about what therapy or coaching looks like can help demystify the experience.  

Vanderbilt Mental Health Providers 

Working with a Lyra mental health provider can be a great way to access the support you need. Lyra’s therapists are vetted to ensure that they provide evidence-based care. This means their interventions have been rigorously researched and are shown to be effective at improving symptoms and functioning. Once in therapy, you can expect to be an active participant in a care plan that’s tailored to your needs. Vanderbilt employees and their families are eligible to receive 12 counseling sessions per household member each year, at no cost to employees. 

Sign up today at or call 877-804-2856.  

Lyra also provides the Lyra Learn platform which includes on-demand and professionally produced short-form videos. In addition, Lyra Learn gatherings provide small-group, expert facilitated discussions with peers on topics at the intersection of mental health and social identify. You can search through a catalog of Lyra Learn topics and attend scheduled gatherings. To access, go to Create a Lyra Learn account using the code #vanderbilt511, and begin using Lyra Learn today. 

View frequently asked questions on the Office of Health and Wellness’ website.  

Office of Health and Wellness

Vanderbilt University’s Office of Health and Wellness is dedicated to promoting health and wellness for students, postdoctoral scholars, faculty and staff. With a focus on prevention, education and support, the office is committed to helping members of the Vanderbilt community achieve optimal health and well-being.