Administrative professionals invited to virtual peer-to-peer learning circle

For Administrative Professionals Day on April 26, join HR Employee Learning and Engagement online for our first Administrative Professionals Learning Circle! 

The Administrative Professionals Learning Circle is a peer-to-peer educational experience that offers social learning opportunities and conversations about a trending topic. In this first gathering, 2:30–3:30 p.m., we’ll focus on current hot topics and challenges for administrative professionals, and we’ll create a lineup of topics for future discussions.  

The goal of the Administrative Professionals Learning Circle is to foster a community of practice, creating opportunities for administrative professionals across the university to participate in workshops, learn from each other, share best practices and build their networks.  

To register for the Administrative Professionals Learning Circle, please visit this direct link or search for “Administrative Professionals Learning Circle” on SkyVu/Oracle under Learning. If you are interested in future dates, we invite you to sign up for the series in Oracle.  

Administrative professionals include executive assistants, administrative specialists, administrative and program coordinators, administrative assistants and more. If you provide some form of administrative support, we invite you to join this learning circle.  

Creation of the Administrative Professionals Learning Circle 

In 2022, HR ELE held multiple focus groups with administrative professionals across the university to understand better their experiences, challenges and needed resources. Peers were the most frequently noted valuable resource: making connections with those in similar roles within and outside of your department, and learning about and through each other’s experiences.  

HR ELE plans more development opportunities for administrative professionals soon, focused on key skills for success in the field as identified by focus groups and topics covered in professional credentialing programs. Together, the programming and learning circles will empower administrative professionals to invest in their professional growth and development, provide an opportunity to recognize and celebrate their expertise and skills and create opportunities for administrative professionals to build community and share resources.