Complete Staff Experience Survey for chance to win $100 gift card

Eligible staff members are invited to complete the 2023 Staff Experience Survey. An email invitation with a personalized link will be sent to all eligible staff from Answer Key, the external vendor administering the survey. The survey will close Monday, May 1. 

Staff members who complete the survey will have the chance to win a $100 gift card. 

As part of the university’s Future of Work efforts, the survey will give staff the opportunity to share feedback on their experience as a staff member at Vanderbilt University. The confidential web-based survey consists of approximately 60 questions and should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. 

An analysis of findings will be shared after the survey closes. Results will be used to create action plans, to share best practices and to address areas of concern. The university intends to repeat this survey regularly to track progress and change over time.  

“I strongly encourage all eligible staff members to take the survey to help us grow as an employer,” Chancellor Daniel Diermeier said. “Our employees are the engine driving our progress as we set new and higher ambitions in our Sesquicentennial year. It’s essential that we have a deep understanding of our workforce and their experience as staff members, so that we can further strengthen our collaborative culture and continue to be destination of choice for the most dedicated and talented staff.” 

“The Future of Work Survey Experience working group recently recommended regular and purposeful surveys to support our staff throughout their careers at Vanderbilt. This survey meets this recommendation and also builds on the staff census conducted this past fall,” said Vice Chancellor Eric Kopstain.   


The university will receive anonymized results from the vendor Answer Key, which will only be shared in the aggregate. Answers from small departments, where responses may not reach the threshold numbers to ensure privacy, will be combined with other relevant departments to ensure no one risks being identified. All individual responses will be kept confidential to respect staff members’ privacy. 

Eligible employees 

All part-time and full-time benefits-eligible staff members who are not members of the union are invited to take the Staff Experience Survey. Faculty are not included in this survey.  

For more information, see the Staff Experience Survey website or contact Human Resources by emailing or by calling 615-343-4788.