HR Employee Learning and Engagement to host monthly refresh: Mini-sessions for reflecting, setting goals and making progress

Are you looking to infuse some intentionality and purpose into your month? Are you wondering how to prioritize your goals, but you don’t have time to even think about that? Maybe you’re spending your days answering emails, crossing items off your to-do list, jumping from meeting to meeting—only to realize at the end of the month that you haven’t made the progress you had hoped for on a larger goal. Where does the time go?

These mini-sessions offer you the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on your accomplishments and successes from the previous month (Celebrate those wins!)
  • Explore your schedule and priorities for the current month (What’s coming up and what do you need to prepare for?)
  • Plan and prioritize up to three goals and think through support and resources you will need
  • Time block high-priority tasks into your calendar, and maybe some defensive calendaring to ensure you’re not task switching so often
  • Explore your anticipated energy and engagement levels throughout the month, and make seemingly small tweaks to experiment

Engaging in reflecting and planning can help you feel more focused and more confident, and it can open more mental space for creativity—all of which can help you move forward with intention on your goals. If you’re already planning successfully, these sessions could offer you additional opportunities to reflect, to explore small shifts that can enhance your productivity and mindset, and to experiment with accountability.

Each 25-minute session will feature:

  • 12-15 minutes of reflection and intention setting, including a brief meditation to tap into mindfulness, and reflective prompts
  • 10-12 minutes of opportunity to connect with colleagues from across the university in breakout rooms, to discuss your goals for the week, what’s working, etc., or (optional) to continue reflecting on your own in a quiet breakout room, if you prefer

Series participants are invited to participate in a collaborative Teams workspace to share goals, progress and resources in a container of ongoing accountability and support.

Engagement: L1-3 (flexible)

Facilitators: Krista Vaught

Date and time: Feb. 27 (Monday), March 27 (Monday), May 1 (Monday), 11:30–11:55 a.m.

Location: hosted virtually (Zoom link will be provided after registration)

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The HR Employee Learning and Engagement team aims to unlock the potential of every Vanderbilt employee by offering innovative and meaningful learning experiences, creating space to foster conversations and connections, and encouraging a culture of learning and growth. Our vision is for every employee to feel connected and integral to Vanderbilt’s mission, empowered to invest in themselves and succeed in their role, engaged in the campus community and inspired to design their best future.

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