Review your personal information in preparation for W-2s 

The payroll department encourages all employees to review their personal information to ensure that their W-2 for 2022 will be accurate. Log in to Oracle by Jan. 9 and use the below checklist to ensure that your data is up to date. 

  • After logging into Oracle, click the Personal Information icon on your homepage. From there, click the Personal Details option.
    • Verify your name is spelled correctly.
      • Remember that your first and last names in Oracle are what is printed on your W-2 and must match what is on your Social Security or ITIN documentation.
    • Verify your taxpayer ID number (Social Security/ITIN Number).
      • Click on the triangle to expand the National Identifiers section and review your taxpayer ID. (You will need to click the “eye” icon to view your actual number.) 

Is either of these not right? Follow the online instructions, and Human Resources can update these fields on your behalf. 

  • Go back one screen to the Personal Info page and then click the Contact Info icon.
    • Verify your home address is up to date.

Is your address not correct? Click the pencil/edit icon on the right of the screen to fix it. After updating your address, click the Submit button.

Thank you for helping the end of 2022 run smoothly. The availability of W-2 forms will be announced at a later date, but those mailed will be postmarked no later than Jan. 31, 2023.