VERA soft launch phase 3 begins Jan. 1 with expanded system-to-system submission capabilities

VERA soft launch phase 3 will start on Jan. 1, 2022. With this phase, the system-to-system proposal submission capabilities of VERA will be expanded from NIH to all federal sponsors with funding opportunities available in Here are a few key points to note about this transition:

  • All federal proposals due on or after Jan. 1, 2022, may be submitted system to system to through VERA. Attachments needed for administrative review can be uploaded in the SF-424 in VERA for Specialists to review. See the SPA website for a list of required documents for SPA’s administrative review.
  • VERA will upgrade to the NIH Forms-G on Jan. 5, 2022. For NIH proposals due on or after Jan. 26, 2022, you can create the VERA SF-424s for these applications after the upgrade is complete.
  • You may create non-system-to-system proposals in VERA for these submissions if you prefer to submit them through the sponsor’s submission portal (e.g., ASSIST, Workspace, etc.).

For more tips on how to use VERA, visit the VERA training site for guides and how-to videos, or sign up for VERA training via Oracle Learning. Additional VERA-related events such as weekly walk-in office hours are posted to the university events calendar.

If you need help using VERA, email for assistance.

This is the third phase in the university’s transition to VERA from Coeus and PEER, following soft launch phase 1 that began on Oct. 1, and soft launch phase 2 that began on Nov. 1. See for full details of the phased transition.