Data Science Institute kicks off undergraduate summer research program

Data Science Institute Summer Research Program 2021

Vanderbilt’s Data Science Institute has kicked off the third year of its undergraduate summer research program. The program engages students who are interested in carrying out data science-related research with a Vanderbilt faculty member and integrates them into the institute’s community of data science scholars.

This year, the DSI awarded fellowships to 24 undergraduate students with diverse academic backgrounds and research interests. New this summer is the addition of four partner sponsors from across campus to support a number of fellows. These partnerships allow students to work in labs affiliated with their sponsor on projects using data science techniques while simultaneously taking advantage of workshops, demo sessions and curated feedback from the DSI team.

The partner sponsors are as follows:

The undergraduate fellows will engage in 10 weeks of research with their faculty mentor and enhance their data science skills through online workshops led by the data science team with a goal of becoming articulate leaders through weekly demonstrations.

The 2021 fellows come from a wide range of schools, departments and majors across campus, including anthropology, cognitive studies, physics, computer science, neuroscience, psychology, political science, economics, and medicine, health and society.

Learn more about the 2021 fellows.

2021 Fellows

  • Katharine Cella
  • Zoe Crawley
  • Dillon Davey
  • Andrew Gothard
  • Jiaxin He
  • Miya Hugaboom
  • Chetan Immanneni
  • Qiaochu Jiang
  • Rohit Khurana
  • Hangling Liu
  • Suiyang Mai
  • Jessica Mo
  • Amy Rieth
  • Joseph Sexton
  • Elijah Sheridan
  • Janet Stefanov
  • Benjamin Van Sleen
  • Chet Weissberg
  • Aidan Wells
  • Qinlian Yang
  • Yuqin Yang
  • Xinxin Zhang
  • Qianhui Zheng
  • Zheyu Zhu

Director of Undergraduate Research Thomas Palmeri, Chief Data Scientist Jesse Spencer-Smith and Assistant Director Amanda Harding lead the DSI-SRP.