Enroll in direct deposit by Friday, June 28, to avoid delay in pay during July 5 administrative closure

Vanderbilt’s Human Resources office will be closed on Friday, July 5, due to the administrative closure day. Please note that, with regard to paycheck availability:

  • Employees and student workers who are enrolled in direct deposit will be unaffected and will receive direct deposits on Friday, July 5; and
  • Employees and student workers who are not enrolled in direct deposit will not be able to pick up their paychecks until Monday, July 8.

Enroll in direct deposit

Direct deposit enrollment instructions and forms are available on the HR website.

Employees and student workers who are not enrolled in direct deposit are encouraged to do so by Friday, June 28, at the Vanderbilt Human Resources office, located in the Baker Building at 110 21st Ave. S., Suite 1000, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.