Human Resources to host Workplace Communication Skills Workshop May 4

Communication is a key factor when working in a complex and fast-moving environment. Sometimes it can be difficult to get your point across effectively during critical conversations, which sometimes can lead to missed opportunities. The Human Resources Learning and Organizational Development team will hold a Workplace Communication Skills Workshop on Thursday, May 4, to help with these issues.

This workshop will cover a spectrum of techniques that can help you break down barriers that are keeping you from communicating effectively. Some of the techniques covered will be:

  • Communication styles assessment
  • Assertiveness assessment
  • Generational communication
  • Building trust
  • Emotional intelligence exercise
  • Practicing service recovery

“The course has given me a lens to see the way other people communicate in the workplace,” says a former Workplace Communication Skills participant. “The ability to do this now has been very beneficial to group success. It has alleviated stress and frustrations with colleagues now that I understand the purpose of their conversation and delivery.”

Head over to the Learning and Organizational Development workshop page to find the list of courses open to all staff, along with links to sign up.

Questions? Call (615) 322-8320 or email