E-Timesheet, ETO enhancements expand time reporting abilities

On Nov. 25, HR plans to introduce new functionality to the e-Timesheet and Exempt Time Off (ETO) systems:

  • The ability to recall time sheets and time off reports already approved so they can be sent back to employees to edit; and
  • The ability to report both FMLA and NonFMLA time off.

These enhancements are intended to make time reporting easier and more automatic for both employees and managers, as well as more efficient from a processing standpoint.

Timesheet/ETO recall

If you need to correct the time you recorded in e-Timesheet or time off reported in ETO, your manager will be able to click on the “Recall” button in the system to have previously approved timesheets or time off reports returned to them. They can then reject the form to send it back to you to update and resubmit for approval, just as they do with timesheets and time off reports that haven’t been approved.

The submission deadlines for timesheets and time off reports will remain the same, and managers will not be able to recall them once the deadlines have passed.

FMLA/NonFMLA reporting using e-Timesheet

Beginning Nov. 25, you will see new boxes underneath the ones where you currently record each week’s time where you can note the number of hours covered by FMLA and those that are NonFMLA. You and your manager will no longer need to complete a separate Utilization Tracker form. You should still record any leave time and type in the “Hours at Work” boxes. You can find detailed instructions on the e-Timesheet help page.

This feature only applies to active non-exempt employees recording their time in e-Timesheet. Because e-Timesheet does not allow delegates, your manager will still need to submit paper timesheets and Utilization Tracker forms if you are on leave.

FMLA/NonFMLA reporting using ETO

You should continue to record FMLA time off using the checkbox at the bottom of the monthly reporting screen and entering the number of FMLA hours, as you do today. Beginning Nov. 25, there will be a new NonFMLA checkbox that allows you to record NonFMLA hours in the same way.

FMLA and NonFMLA hours should only be designated for an approved FMLA/NonFMLA event. Detailed instructions can be found in the Quick Reference Guides on the e-Timesheet and ETO help pages on the HR website.