New committee will increase veteran outreach for jobs at Vanderbilt

Talent Acquisition Consultant John Carr meets with a service member at the recent Paychecks for Patriots job fair in Nashville (Janet Rachel/Vanderbilt)

With the start of 2013, Vanderbilt’s Talent Acquisition team will be reaching out to more veterans and military spouses. This move is a result of a new task force led by Human Resources and Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Disability (EAD) Services.

The Veteran Employment Transition and Support (VETS) committee will work to increase outreach to veterans and their spouses, create a transition support system and promote awareness of Vanderbilt’s commitment to the military community.

“Vanderbilt has been committed to the military for some time, but we are taking it to an even higher level,” Human Resources Talent Acquisition Manager of Diversity, Relocation and Career Navigation Janet Rachel said. “We want to be an employer of choice for veterans.”

Vanderbilt will be increasing its presence at military bases and job fairs, partnering with veterans organizations and establishing relationships with military transition offices.

“This initiative will be a way for hiring managers to tap into a valuable, experienced and talented pool of persons,” EAD Services Director Anita Jenious said. “They’ll also be able to draw upon some specific resources that will help them in their hiring choices.”

In the future, the federal government may require federal contractors like Vanderbilt to gather data on veterans in the workplace for its Affirmative Action Plan, much as is already being done with women and minorities, Jenious said.

“We don’t know what will happen in the future, but this initiative is a way for us to be proactive in terms of showing our good faith efforts,” she said.

In conjunction with EAD’s ongoing Alphabet Soup diversity and nondiscrimination training, HR will launch a training program early next year that guides managers through the process of hiring veterans and add a resume translator to the employment site to assist applicants, recruiters and hiring managers with identifying skills that translate to the civilian workplace.

The VETS committee also includes Talent Acquisition Consultant John Carr; Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant and Air Force retiree Anthony Fleming; Human Resources Projects Manager and retired Marine Pete Long; Assistant Director of Operations for Plant Operations and Tennessee Air National Guard Colonel Dennis Neal; Director of Perioperative Education and Research Scott Strech; and Director of Operations for Plant Operations and Army retiree Lis Wyatt.

The committee welcomes input and support. To get involved or learn more, contact Janet Rachel at (615) 343-5479.