Inside a Pred’s Coach’s Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery

When the Nashville Predators take the ice—it’s all about strength, precision and teamwork. But when a beloved former coach with the Preds started feeling the harsh symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease—he turned to a team here at Vanderbilt. Coach Brent Peterson allowed VUCast’s Carole Bartoo and Mike Todd inside the operating room to witness his deep brain stimulation surgery. He wants the world to see how this dramatic option brought back the gift of movement.

Vanderbilt is one of the few centers in the country to break the surgery into four stages over several weeks, so patients like Brent never have to spend more than four-hours in the operating room. Brent Peterson is so dedicated to the work Vanderbilt is doing that the funds raised by his foundation go to Parkinson’s research here at Vanderbilt.

For more information go to peterson-for-parkinsons-dot-org.