Aurbach (Vanderbilt)

Michael Aurbach, professor of art, has received the 2011 Award for Outstanding Exhibition and Catalogue of Contemporary Materials from the Southeastern College Art Conference.

Meghan Burke, a doctoral student in special education at Peabody College and a Vanderbilt Kennedy Center University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities trainee, has received the 2011 Anne Rudigier Award from the Association of University Centers on Disabilities. The award recognizes an outstanding trainee or student.

Andre’ Churchwell, associate professor of medicine, radiology and biomedical engineering, has been named associate dean for diversity for Vanderbilt School of Medicine.

Dykens (Vanderbilt)

Elisabeth Dykens, director of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center and co-director of the VKC’s University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, has received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Association of University Centers on Disabilities for “devoting her career to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families through research, teaching and community and public service.”

Flores (Vanderbilt)

Stella Flores, assistant professor of public policy and higher education, has been invited to serve on the editorial board of The Review of Higher Education, the official journal of the Association for the Study of Higher Education.

Leonard Folgarait, professor of history of art, delivered an invited talk, “Did Modern Mexico Begin in Photography?” at the Did Modern Photography Begin in Mexico? conference sponsored by the Program in Latin American Studies at Princeton University.

Beth Glascock, assistant director of orthopaedics; Diane Neighbors, director of the Vanderbilt Child and Family Center; and Sandy Stahl, associate dean of students and senior lecturer in women’s and gender studies, have been nominated for the 2012 Nashville ATHENA Award, which honors business and professional women for their career successes, service to the community and encouragement of women.

Milner (Vanderbilt)

Rich Milner, associate professor of education, has received the Critics’ Choice Book Award from the American Educational Studies Association for his book Start Where You Are but Don’t Stay There: Understanding Diversity, Opportunity Gaps and Teaching in Today’s Classrooms.

Vanderbilt has received five mid-South regional Emmy nominations for excellence in television. Vanderbilt Video in the News and Communications office received four nominations for work appearing on VUCast, Vanderbilt’s online newscast: Pat Slattery and Emily Pearce for “Signing Day” in the Sports Segment category; Amy Wolf and Slattery for “Looking for Hope” in the Informational/Instructional Program/Special category; Carole Bartoo, Wolf and Slattery for “Sick Soldier Mystery” in the Informational/Instructional Series category; and Slattery for “Signing Day” in the Photographer/Program (Non-News) category. Peabody College’s research office also received a nomination: Lyle Jackson for “Pathways to African American Success” in the Public Affairs category.

The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities has received the 2011 Council on Community Advocacy Award from the Council on Community Advocacy and the Association of University Centers on Disabilities Community Advisory Council.

Ingrid Wuerth, professor of law and director of the International Legal Studies Program at Vanderbilt Law School, has been named to the State Department Advisory Committee on International Law, which brings together professors, practitioners and policy makers to advise Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her legal adviser, Harold Koh.