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Open House Today

EDITOR’S LETTER By GayNelle Doll   Let’s say you’ve lived for quite some time in a custom-built home you really like and a neighborhood you love. Through the years this house has become a beloved gathering place with great memories in every room. Sure, the place could use a facelift—trim backRead More

Collective Memory: Through History’s Lens

Collective Memory: Through History’s Lens

BY ROB HAMMOND, BA’71 When I was in sixth grade, John F. Kennedy became one of my boyhood heroes. During his 1960 campaign he came to my hometown of LaGrange, Ga., after giving a speech at FDR’s Little White House in Warm Springs. The motorcade came through LaGrange on its wayRead More

Birdie Boogie

Professional golfer and Vanderbilt alumnus Brandt Snedeker, BA’03, climbed into the top 10 of the world rankings for the first time in his career last fall. The Nashville native jumped eight spots to No. 10 after winning the Tour Championship at Atlanta’s East Lake Golf Club Sept. 23. It wasRead More

Poem #8 by Rick Hilles

Section #8 of “Nights and Days of 2007: Autumn” is from A Map of the Lost World by Rick Hilles,

photo of man looking at giant soap bubble

Reader Photo: Bubble

As my friend and I walked back from an open-air market in the St. Germain district, we stumbled upon a professional bubble-blower. (Who knew they existed?) Mesmerized by the sheer size and magical quality of his work, I tried to capture the moment before it burst into the Parisian air.