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Zeppos Legacy

Big and Bold: An overview of Chancellor Zeppos’ tenure

Aug. 14, 2019—Zeppos, Vanderbilt’s eighth chancellor, will step down on Aug. 15 after serving the university for more than 11 years in the role. The Board of Trust, Faculty Senate, University Staff Advisory Council, Vanderbilt Student Government, Vanderbilt Alumni Association Board of Directors and Tennessee General Assembly all have passed resolutions commending him for his extraordinary leadership.

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Nashville Business Journal: The Commodore’s Farewell

Aug. 14, 2019—Chancellor Zeppos reflects on his nearly 12-year run as Vanderbilt University's leader in this "Nashville Business Journal" profile.

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Through the Years

Aug. 14, 2019—View a photo gallery of Chancellor Zeppos' time at Vanderbilt.

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The Zeppos Report

Aug. 14, 2019—Listen to Chancellor Zeppos' podcast featuring esteemed guests, including Ken Burns, Amitav Ghosh, Carly Fiorina and more.

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A Decade in Review

Aug. 14, 2019—Look back at the first 10 years of progress under Chancellor Zeppos' leadership.

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What’s On My Mind

Aug. 14, 2019—Chancellor Zeppos shared his reflections on Vanderbilt and higher education in his "What's On My Mind" column.

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Strong Foundations

Aug. 14, 2019—Vanderbilt University continues to build upon a strong foundation laid by generations of top-achieving students, renowned faculty, dedicated staff and a supportive community of alumni and friends. View Vanderbilt's 2018-19 annual report highlighting Chancellor Zeppos’ final year leading the university.

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OpEd: How Chancellor Zeppos transformed Vanderbilt

Aug. 14, 2019—Zeppos changed the Vanderbilt campus, university financial aid and much more, all for the better, writes Vanderbilt Trustee Emeritus Michael Ainslie in "The Tennessean."

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Dear Chancellor Zeppos

Aug. 14, 2019—Following the news that Chancellor Zeppos planned to step down, many Vanderbilt alumni, parents and supporters of the university reached out with letters of gratitude and well wishes.

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