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VU Inside: Students dig into super-massive volcanic eruptions

Jan. 25, 2018—A dozen Vanderbilt students went on a monthlong science adventure of a lifetime, studying super-eruptions, glaciers and earthquakes in New Zealand.

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Super-eruptions may give only a year’s warning before they blow

Jul. 20, 2016—A microscopic analysis of quartz crystals from an ancient California super-eruption indicates that the process of decompression preceding the eruption took place less than a year before.

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Calvin Miller: Eyewitnessing an Icelandic eruption

Oct. 7, 2014—Last month volcano expert Calvin Miller had the good fortune to witness the major volcanic eruption taking place in Iceland.

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Early Earth less hellish than previously thought

Sep. 15, 2014—Conditions on Earth in its first 500 million years may have been cool enough to form oceans of water instead of being hellishly hot.

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Super-eruptions may have surprisingly short fuses

May. 30, 2012—Super-eruptions are potentially civilization-ending events and new research suggests that they may have surprisingly short fuses.

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