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Vanderbilt Magazine: Passions transform challenges into amazing feats for four Commodores

Mar. 18, 2019—Vanderbilt students and alumni have always been an ambitious group. But three graduates and one current student have taken their passions to extreme levels.

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Vanderbilt Magazine: Launch Pad

Feb. 19, 2019—Vanderbilt's internationally acclaimed student rocket team has propelled many alumni into the science of spaceflight.

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Vanderbilt Magazine: The Goldfather

Jan. 7, 2019—With David Williams’ retirement, a golden era of Commodore athletics ends.

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Vanderbilt Magazine: Consider the Martians

Oct. 7, 2018—Scientists need to confirm whether life exists on Mars before sending humans, according to Professor of Astronomy David Weintraub.

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Vanderbilt Magazine: VU ‘bytes’ into data science

Sep. 26, 2018—Learn how new programs in a revolutionary field are fostering discovery, collaboration and learning across campus.

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‘Seasonal Cycles’

Sep. 16, 2018—As the first day of fall approaches, learn more about the mural under Calhoun Hall's stone portico, which depicts all of the seasons on campus.

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From ‘Vanderbilt Magazine’: Grade A Talent

Sep. 11, 2018—Vanderbilt’s successful recruiting model finds student-athletes who excel both on the field and in the classroom.

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From ‘Vanderbilt Magazine’: Deep Healing

Sep. 6, 2018—Two VU alumni are making waves in drug discovery by plumbing the oceans’ depths for new therapeutic molecules.

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Good Day, Sunshine: Alumni pour their energy into solar power

Jul. 1, 2018—Several Vanderbilt alumni are leading the way to ensure that solar is not just a feel-good energy source but an economically viable one as well. Read this feature from the latest issue of "Vanderbilt Magazine."

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An unlikely spot in Lincoln Center acknowledges Rockefeller support of Vanderbilt

Jun. 25, 2018—The only public acknowledgement of the Rockefeller family's financial support of Vanderbilt is found in an unlikely venue: the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. Read more from this story in the latest issue of 'Vanderbilt Magazine.'

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MFA alumna Tiana Clark is one of poetry’s most exciting new voices

Jun. 25, 2018—Before alumna Tiana Clark emerged as an electrifying new voice in poetry, before a flock of literary agents started calling, and before 'The New Yorker' magazine published her poem “Nashville” to acclaim last fall, she’d been stung so badly by rejection that she’d stopped writing for an entire year. Read more of the story from the latest issue of 'Vanderbilt Magazine.'

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A look back: Peabody’s Knapp Farm was early experiment in sustainability

Jun. 18, 2018—When George Peabody College for Teachers first moved to its current location in 1914, across from Vanderbilt, no one talked about sustainability. Yet the idea became a centerpiece of the school’s mission to educate farmers, as well as to train the teachers who would educate the children of farmers. As a result, Peabody became the only teachers college in the United States to open a demonstration farm.

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