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Sam Girgus

Hot Streak: Alumnus Temple Baker takes an unexpected career path after being discovered by director Richard Linklater

Jul. 29, 2016—Temple Baker, BA’15, is not your typical Hollywood success story. He wasn’t a child star, shuffled from audition to audition by pushy parents, nor did he have much interest in becoming an actor during college. In fact, his only real stage experience was a fourth-grade production of Romeo and Juliet, in which all his lines were...

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New undergraduate and faculty research collaborations inspire, inform

Apr. 29, 2014—The Littlejohn Family Undergraduate Research Program enables Arts and Science undergraduates to conduct original research alongside faculty fellows.

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Listen: Eastwood embodies America’s moral quest, says Vanderbilt professor

Mar. 18, 2014—Vanderbilt Professor of English Sam Girgus traces the career of Clint Eastwood in a new book that lauds the director's more recent films for showing a keen insight into Americans' search for meaning and purpose.

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