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Reflector Summer 2018

From the Dean – Summer 2018

Sep. 27, 2018—Those of us who teach for, study in, or are alumni of Peabody College all know that the heart of the college’s mission is to improve human flourishing. The Peabody community believes in the potential of all people.

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When Differences are Strengths: Helping those with intellectual disabilities thrive

Sep. 27, 2018—A whiz at data entry, typing with accuracy at 90 words a minute, Jamal Underwood, who has autism, has turned his learning differences into strengths.

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Connecting the Dots: James R. Booth uses fMRI to predict learning disorders sooner

Sep. 27, 2018—James R. Booth's work comes with a challenge: keeping his test young subjects from wiggling in the cramped confines of an fMRI machine.

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Pyramid Model keeps behavior problems to a minimum — and kids in school

Sep. 27, 2018—When 4-year-old Antonio felt frustrated at home or at school, he used to bite. And hit. And kick. In many schools, that behavior would get him sent home.

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A Family of Givers: Damond and Makeba Boatwright

Sep. 27, 2018—Damond and Makeba Boatwright committed very early on that their family would improve and invest in the lives of others.

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Farm to Table: Knapp Farm was an early experiment in sustainability

Sep. 17, 2018—In 1914 Peabody established a farm to educate farmers and train the teachers who would educate the children of farmers.

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Around the Mall – Summer 2018

Sep. 17, 2018—There are lots of exciting happenings on Peabody’s mall. These are just a few.

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