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Post-Election 2016: Beyond the headlines

Oct. 20, 2016—Vanderbilt professors John Geer, Efrén Pérez and Tracy Sharpley-Whiting discuss the 2016 presidential election.

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Election 2016: Second presidential debate reviewed

Oct. 11, 2016—Professor of Political Science John Geer, a leading expert on presidential elections, takes a look at the volatile second presidential debate between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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Find out Oct. 6 how Clinton and Trump are faring in Tennessee

Sep. 29, 2016—A new Vanderbilt Poll will be released Oct. 6 to show how the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is shaping up in Tennessee.

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CNN/Facebook Campaign Camper to make Vanderbilt stop Dec. 4

Nov. 25, 2015—The CNN/Facebook Campaign Camper, a specially designed Airstream trailer complete with a video booth, will make a stop on Vanderbilt University’s Alumni Lawn from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, Dec. 4.

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Daily Beast: Were the Romney and Obama TV ads a total waste?

Nov. 13, 2012—They spent a total of $1 billion on TV ads, but most were instantly forgettable—and none swayed opinion. Next time, writes John G. Geer, make the ads memorable.

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Anti-Obama attack ad finally earns Romney points among independent voters

Aug. 21, 2012—One of Mitt Romney’s latest campaign commercials against President Barack Obama seems to be hitting a nerve among independent voters, data from the Vanderbilt/YouGov Ad Rating Project shows.

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Romney foreign policy would not be focused on Israel and Middle East

Jun. 8, 2012—As a Mormon, Mitt Romney’s religious beliefs have a basis on the American continent.  Assistant Professor of Religious History Kathleen Flake explains how that might affect the Middle East and Israel. View 2012 election expertise information for Kathleen Flake>> Visit ElectionVU to find all Vanderbilt experts on the 2012 election>>

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VUCast Newscast: Louder Than a Bomb

Feb. 10, 2012—This Week on VUCast, Vanderbilt’s weekly newscast  highlighting  research, experts, students, sports and everything Vanderbilt: How the Louder Than a Bomb poetry slam changed a Vandy student’s life How the GOP can attract Latino voters  Dancing with the Dore baseball stars!

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The role the immigration debate will play through the election cycle

Nov. 28, 2011—The tenor of the immigration debate will probably change as the candidates get closer to the general election. Assistant professor of political science Efrén Pérez explains why the immigration debate is likely to evolve. View 2012 election expertise information for Efren Perez >> Visit ElectionVU to find all Vanderbilt experts on the 2012 election >>

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What’s wrong with our current immigration policy?

Nov. 23, 2011—Assistant professor of political science Efrén Pérez explains what  he thinks is wrong with our current immigration policy and the immigration debate. View 2012 election expertise information for Efren Perez >> Visit election VU to find all Vanderbilt experts on the 2012 election >>

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The power of polls and the influence they have on lawmaking

Nov. 22, 2011—How powerful are political polls? Associate professor and co-director of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, Josh Clinton is an expert on political polls. He explains how polls not only influence an election, but almost every decision a lawmaker makes. View 2012 election expertise information for Joshua D. Clinton >> Visit ElectionVU to...

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Consequences of too many political appointees

Nov. 22, 2011—How do we fix the problem of too much politics in the bureaucracy?  Associate Chair of the Department of Political Science David Lewis explains why he thinks the number of presidential appointees should be cut and why most presidents do not support a merit system when it comes to bureaucratic jobs. View 2012 election expertise...

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