Vanderbilt College Democrats and Republicans to host debate series in fall 2024

In a bipartisan effort to engage and inform the Vanderbilt community, sponsored by Dialogue Vanderbilt, the Vanderbilt College Democrats and Vanderbilt College Republicans have collaborated with the Vanderbilt Political Review and the Advocacy, Debate and Dialogue Lab for Civil Discourse Education (the “ADD Lab”) to produce a six-part debate series focused on issues and themes relevant to the 2024 U.S. presidential elections.  

Each month, from September through November, the College Democrats and College Republicans will face off in front of a public audience composed of students, faculty, staff and community members. Shortly after each of these debates, the ADD Lab will host an Agnon Dialogue, during which approximately 50 student participants will have the opportunity to make their case in front of and have their arguments tested by their peers. 

The College Democrats-College Republicans debates will be on Sept. 17, Oct. 15 and Nov. 4—the eve of the presidential election. The Agnon Dialogues are scheduled for Sept. 25, Oct. 21 and Nov. 12. 

  • Student Debate on Domestic Policy on Sept. 17 
  • Agnon Dialogue on Sept. 25 
  • Student Debate on Foreign Policy on Oct. 15 
  • Agnon Dialogue on Oct. 21 
  • Student Debate on The Candidates on Nov. 4  
  • Agnon Dialogue on Nov. 12, a look-back on the election 

The first College Democrats vs. College Republicans debate will focus on domestic policy, the second on foreign policy and the third on the presidential candidates themselves. The College Democrats and Republicans reserve the right to change topics to better serve and inform the community if events dictate a change. 

The Agnon Dialogues will provide students the opportunity to take the conversation about the topics explored in the student-led debates even further. The design of this event will allow members of the campus community to discuss complex issues, learn from each other and walk away better informed. 

This exciting debate series is another example of how Dialogue Vanderbilt reaffirms the university’s long-standing commitment to free speech and civil discourse, through which our students learn and demonstrate the tools for constructive and productive dialogue on challenging issues.  

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