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oil spill

Video: What should BP’s new CEO do now?

Oct. 18, 2010—BP’s long summer battling one of the world’s most disastrous oil spills may be over. But as Robert Dudley assumes the role of BP’s next chief executive on Oct. 1, he faces years of rebuilding – both along the Gulf Coast and within the company. The Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management hosted a panel...

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Video: VUCast: What is discovery science?

Oct. 15, 2010—See how Vanderbilt is making life-saving breakthroughs through “discovery science.” Plus, what Vandy business experts think BP needs to do to rebuild, and another Vanderbilt connection on The Simpsons!

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BP disaster predictable, says Vanderbilt civil and environmental engineer

Jun. 11, 2010—The worst environmental disaster to hit the U.S. occurred in part because of BP’s institutional arrogance, pushing a technology beyond its limits, and basic communication failures, according to Vanderbilt University Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Mark Abkowitz, an emergency preparedness and response expert.

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