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Neil Kelley

New thalattosaur species discovered in Southeast Alaska

Feb. 4, 2020—Researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and Vanderbilt University have identified a new species of thalattosaur, a marine reptile that lived more than 200 million years ago. 

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Deciphering clues to prehistoric climate changes locked in cave deposits

May. 22, 2015—Jessica Oster and her colleagues have shown that the analysis of a stalagmite from a cave in north east India can detect the link between El Nino conditions in the Pacific Ocean and the Indian monsoon.

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Evolutionary history of whales, dolphins and sea turtles

Apr. 17, 2015—The evolutionary history of whales, sea turtles and other land animals that have returned to the sea details the radical changes to their life style, body shape, physiology that they made to survive in an aquatic environment.

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