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Neanderthal DNA contributes to genetic diversity, bringing more understanding to human evolution

Jul. 31, 2020—New research shows surprising effects of interbreeding between Neanderthals and ancestors of some modern humans.

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New method reveals how differences in the genetic “instruction booklet” between humans and Neanderthals influenced traits

Oct. 7, 2019—When it comes to our differences from Neanderthals, most of what we know comes from comparing fossils. But fossils can only tell us about bones and not whole living organisms. That’s changing thanks to a new paper from a team of genomics researchers at Vanderbilt, who have developed a first-of-its-kind computational method. Their approach uses...

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Neanderthal DNA has subtle but significant impact on human traits

Feb. 11, 2016—The first study that directly compares Neanderthal DNA in the genomes of a significant population of adults of European ancestry with their clinical records confirms that this archaic genetic legacy has a subtle but significant impact on modern human biology.

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