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language development

Enhanced e-book helps close the word gap in children from families of low socio-economic status

Jun. 29, 2020—New research from Vanderbilt Peabody College of education and human development asks whether the use of an enhanced electronic book can train parents in reading methods that facilitate parent-child conversations, which are known to spur preschool vocabulary development and the language processing skills necessary to close the word gap.

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Research participants needed for infant language development studies

Mar. 2, 2018—The Vanderbilt Language Development Lab is seeking the participation of parents and their infants 11 to 12.5 months of age in studies on language development.

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Mark Seidenberg delivers Educational Neuroscience talk April 6

Feb. 23, 2018—The lecture will focus on the need to look closely at linguistic differences between language used in the home and in schools.

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Babies and toddlers needed for language development studies

Feb. 7, 2017—The Language Development Lab at Vanderbilt University is seeking help from parents with infants 11 to 12.5 months or toddlers 15 to 17 months of age. The lab's studies are designed to discover how children learn to understand speech, especially when it is about something absent.

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