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Jamey Young

Melanoma study finds new way to enhance targeted therapies

Mar. 9, 2017—With the help of a drug formerly used to treat HIV/AIDS, researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) have found a way to make melanoma cells more vulnerable to targeted anti-cancer therapy.

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Twelve faculty members selected as 2017 Chancellor Faculty Fellows

Feb. 6, 2017—The 2017 class of Chancellor Faculty Fellows comprises highly accomplished, recently tenured faculty from across the university.

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Team’s discovery offers new insight on lung cancer risk

Jan. 12, 2017—Researchers in the Schools of Medicine and Engineering at Vanderbilt University have discovered a proteomic “signature” from the airways of heavy smokers that could lead to better risk assessment and perhaps new ways to stop lung cancer before it starts.

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Doctoral student’s company provides researchers with ‘X-ray’ on cellular processes

Nov. 12, 2015—Researchers in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries long have used cells as mini-factories to produce fuels, medication and other products. A new company out of Vanderbilt University School of Engineering, MetaMap BioWorks, seeks to open a window on those processes.

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Vanderbilt researcher’s look at fatty liver disease hits home with dad’s diagnosis

Jun. 11, 2015—Jamey Young, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, wants to learn more about the estimated 5-10 percent of people with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease who never develop its deadliest complications in the hopes of developing new treatments.

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Beta cell link to fasting glucose

Jan. 22, 2015—New findings explain why variation in a particular gene is the most important determinant of fasting blood glucose levels in humans.

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It’s his metabolism: Research into cell processes could lead to breakthroughs for diabetes and cancer

Jul. 2, 2012—Jamey Young, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, likes to build bridges. But rather than physical structures, Young focuses on spanning the divide between biology and engineering, diabetes and cancer, and plants and animals.

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Young receives 2012 DOE Early Career Award

Jun. 26, 2012— Jamey D. Young, chemical and biomolecular engineering, has received a Department of Energy Early Career Award for his proposal entitled, “Enhancing metabolic flux to photosynthetic biofuels.”

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