Graduate School Alumna

  • Portrait shot of Aisha Francis, president and CEO of Franklin Cummings Tech in Boston, wearing a black suit and posed against a light gold background

    Aisha Francis, MA’99, PhD’04, takes the nontraditional route in academia

    Aisha Francis, president and CEO of Boston’s Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology in 2021, is among the Boston Globe’s 50 Tech Power Players for 2023. With graduate degrees from Vanderbilt in English, she sought a path that was “both optimistic and realistic,” that could lead to nontraditional academic roles. Read More

    Nov 20, 2023

  • Portrait of Angela Boutté against greenery

    Angela Boutté, PhD’05 Balanced Biochemist

    Angela Boutté, PhD'05, has been no stranger to breakthroughs in brain research and medical care. In January 2022, she became director of clinical chemistry for, a San Francisco-based public benefit corporation working to make diagnostic testing accessible to all. In 2019, she founded Aries Biotech to assist other brain disease and injury researchers with fine-tuning their work. Read More

    Jul 5, 2022

  • Vanderbilt University

    ‘Possible’: A poem by Carlina Duan, MFA’19

    A poem by Carlina Duan, MFA'19, the author of 'I Wore My Blackest Hair' (Little A, 2017) and the upcoming 'Alien Miss' (University of Wisconsin Press, 2021). Read More

    Apr 27, 2021