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Looking to the 19th century for perspective on race and government

May. 8, 2017—Issues of race and government are explored in law professor Dan Sharfstein's new book, "Thunder in the Mountains."

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Vanderbilt researcher: It’s time for civil service reform

Jul. 16, 2015—An extensive new survey of federal executives led by Vanderbilt's David E. Lewis has resulted in suggestions on how the civil service system can be improved.

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Expert: Stop complaining about the moral decline of Western society

Apr. 3, 2015—Morality is not declining in the modern world, says Edward Rubin, University Professor of Law and Political Science, in a new book. Instead, a new morality is replacing the previous one.

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Fighting bureaucracy by improving it

Aug. 26, 2014—Everybody hates being caught up in bureaucracy. Ed Rubin at Vanderbilt Law School says things could work a lot better.

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Physics post-doc headed to Capitol Hill as congressional fellow

May. 18, 2012—Post-doctoral researcher Andrew Steigerwald has been selected by the Materials Research Society and the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society as their 2012-2013 Congressional Science and Engineering Fellow.

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Education and the 2012 Election

Apr. 18, 2012—"The economy and jobs will be the two biggest issues in this fall’s general election, but education will also factor in who votes for which candidate and why," writes Christopher Loss.

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Higher education, federal government ‘intimately connected’

Dec. 9, 2011—The federal government’s increasing involvement in higher education over the past 100 years has created an intimate relationship that was once virtually nonexistent.

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