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Message from Vanderbilt University Medical Center about caller ID spoofing

Sep. 6, 2017—Beginning Sept. 1, Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s patient customer service line began to experience an unusually high volume of calls. Medical Center officials quickly determined the cause of the increased call volume was the result of a fraudulent practice known as caller ID spoofing.

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Protect yourself from identity theft and fraud

Jan. 21, 2016—Vanderbilt IT recommends that you take the following precautions to avoid becoming victims of spear phishing campaigns.

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New compliance hotline simplifies reporting waste, fraud or abuse

Mar. 2, 2012—Vanderbilt will launch a new combined University and Medical Center hotline and website for anonymously reporting fraud, waste and abuse on Friday, March 8. Faculty and staff can use The Integrity in Action reporting network to report unethical, illegal or unsafe activity at Vanderbilt. The website and toll free number – 866-783-2287 – are available...

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Vanderbilt expert: Don’t ignore warning signs of hedge-fund fraud

Feb. 28, 2012—A Japanese hedge fund company some are calling the Japanese “Bernard Madoff” seems to be reaffirming the maxim that if returns are too good to be true, there probably is something wrong.

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