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Earth and Space

To find giant black holes, start with Jupiter

Jun. 30, 2020—On a quest to find the Universe’s largest black holes, Vanderbilt researcher identifies the center of the solar system within 100 meters.

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Unexpected mammal provides insight into the lives of ancient hominins

Jun. 11, 2020—Paleontologist and associate professor of biological sciences Larisa DeSantis finds answers about early hominin diets are with an unrelated group of mammals—tapirs.

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The Search for Earth-Like Planets

Sep. 26, 2014—Researchers have developed a model that estimates the effect that a star's diet has on its chemical composition. This model will add substantially to astronomers’ understanding of the process of planet formation as well as assist in the ongoing search for Earth-like exoplanets.

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Research Roundup, Summer 2014

Sep. 26, 2014—Private Property and Government Inaction | Probiotic Could Prevent Obesity | Freedom from Power Cords | Pickiness Doesn’t Always Pay

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