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Doug Parker

New scholarship honors legacy of civil rights leader James Lawson

Jun. 25, 2018—The new Rev. James M. Lawson Jr. Scholarship provides need-based financial support for underrepresented minority students who demonstrate a commitment to civil rights and social justice.

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Alumni Association Board announces 2017 alumni award recipients

Jul. 18, 2017—The Vanderbilt Alumni Association Board is pleased to announce the 2017 alumni award recipients—Stephen Jones, BA’74, MD’78; Joe Martin, BA’64; Doug Parker, MBA’86; and Zakiya Smith, BS’06.

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Flight Path: A highflying merger has put Doug Parker, MBA’86, at the controls of the world’s largest airline

Jul. 31, 2014—One hundred years ago pilot Tony Jannus made history when he flew a biplane from Tampa, Fla., to neighboring St. Petersburg. By all accounts the flight itself was unremarkable. There were no speed or distance records broken that day, nor feats of aerial acrobatics. In fact, the plane was in the air for just 23...

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