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data visualization

Vanderbilt astronomers among NASA’s TESS Mission team to discover a rare newly formed planet

Jun. 24, 2020—Stars mapped out by Vanderbilt astronomers for exploration by NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite mission and recently decommissioned Spitzer Space Telescope have led to the discovery of AU Mic b, a newly formed Neptune-like exoplanet located a relatively short 31.9 light-years away.

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Student entries sought for data visualization competition

Jan. 31, 2017—Vanderbilt University is hosting a data visualization competition for all undergraduate, graduate and professional students. Data visualization is presenting objects, ideas and data in a visual or nontraditional way that highlights trends, outliers and unique representations of the information.

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Visualizing data on network ‘maps’

Jul. 25, 2013—The new web application NetGestalt will allow investigators to simultaneously visualize different types of data for the same gene – such as mutation, expression and modification.

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Vanderbilt engineering grad student wins NASA fellowship

Jul. 11, 2013—Engineering graduate student Electa Baker is one of 65 individuals selected as 2013 NASA Space Technology Fellows.

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