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craig hutto

‘Smart’ prosthetic ankle takes fear out of rough terrain, stairs

Jun. 25, 2018—The device is from the lab of Professor Michael Goldfarb, perhaps best known for working on a bionic leg with shark attack victim Craig Hutto and later developing the Indego exoskeleton.

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National Science Foundation: Bionic leg makes amputee faster on his feet

Jan. 24, 2012—Two years after losing his leg in a shark attack, Craig Hutto became the test pilot for a unique and powerful new prosthetic leg being developed by mechanical engineer Michael Goldfarb and his team at Vanderbilt University.

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VUCast: Shark Attack to Bionic Breakthrough

Oct. 21, 2011—This Week on VUCast: A shark attack victim inspires a bionic breakthrough; why political prices are going up; and making a cappella cool.    

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New ‘bionic’ leg gives amputees a natural gait

Aug. 17, 2011—A new lower-limb prosthetic uses the latest advances in computer, sensor, electric motor and battery technology to give it bionic capabilities.

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Out of the Deep

Aug. 1, 2011—A shark attack leads to a collaboration that could transform the lives of amputees It was an overcast June morning at Cap San Blas, Fla., and 16-year-old Craig Hutto had nothing but fishing on his mind. Situated about 50 miles south of Panama City on a peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico, the quiet beach...

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August issue of ‘Vanderbilt View’ online now

Jul. 29, 2011—Hear the inspiring story of a young man who survived a shark attack and went on to assist Vanderbilt researchers in developing a prosthetic leg.

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