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Civil engineering

Risk modeling, data integration drive NASA next-gen air travel safety project

Jan. 9, 2019—Sankaran Mahadevan is leading a team of Vanderbilt engineers in an ambitious NASA effort to revolutionize air traffic control.

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The ‘shine’ in gold particles has a new use – finding defects

Jul. 10, 2018—Researchers have developed a technique of infusing tiny gold nanoparticles into plastic polymer used in 3D printed materials. With this method, the gold nanoparticles "light up" and can find defects.

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New recyclable resin makes wind turbines much more sustainable

Feb. 15, 2018—New composite materials make wind energy even greener by making the turbines themselves recyclable.

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Web-based tool will help government realistically plan for climate change

Jun. 2, 2017—Researchers are studying how commerce and flood control on inland waterways and the residents along them must change.

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Class of 2017: Paloma Mendoza builds bridges—literally and figuratively

May. 3, 2017—Growing up outside Houston, senior Paloma Mendoza did not know a single engineer, though she knew she wanted to be one.

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Media Advisory: Teens build model bridges–only to destroy them

Mar. 3, 2017—Area teens will watch their model bridges break apart dramatically Saturday, March 4, at the 9th Annual Music City Bridge Building Competition, organized by the American Society of Civil Engineers and Janey Camp, a Vanderbilt University civil engineering research associate professor.

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Baroud receives inaugural Littlejohn Dean Faculty Fellowship

Jan. 27, 2017—Hiba Baroud is a civil engineer who develops tools that improve infrastructure systems’ reliability and recovery from disasters like hurricanes and floods.

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Mood ring materials – a new way to detect damage in failing infrastructure

Nov. 21, 2016—"Mood ring materials" constitute a new type of smart sensing technology that could play an important role in minimizing and mitigating damage to the nation's failing infrastructure.

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Media advisory: Local students put their bridge-building skill to the test

Feb. 24, 2016—The American Society of Civil Engineers' Music City Bridge Building Competition is being held Saturday, Feb. 27 at Vanderbilt University's Laboratory for Systems Integrity and Reliability.

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LeBoeuf called to active duty as Army University’s vice provost of academic affairs

Feb. 11, 2016—Brig. Gen. Eugene J. LeBoeuf, a civil engineering professor at Vanderbilt, has been called to active duty in the U.S. Army to serve as vice provost of academic affairs for Army University and deputy commanding general for reserve affairs for the U.S. Army Combined Arms Center.

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Media advisory: Area Girl Scouts to earn ‘Engineering Day’ patches at Vanderbilt workshop Oct. 3

Oct. 1, 2015—Area Girl Scouts will have the opportunity to earn their “Engineering Day” patches at an event hosted by Vanderbilt University engineering students on Saturday, Oct. 3.

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Chief engineer keeps Georgia transportation on her mind

May. 13, 2015—Meg Bryson Pirkle earned her Vanderbilt bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in 1989 and went to work for Georgia Department of Transportation’s planning department that same year, later earning her master’s in civil engineering from Georgia Tech. On Jan. 1, 2015, she became GDOT’s first female chief engineer. Previously director of GDOT’s Permits and Operations Division,...

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