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Chris Slobogin Archives

Data in the cloud: What’s private and what isn’t?

May. 10, 2017—New and clearer rules are needed about access to the huge amount of digital data in the cloud, says Chris Slobogin.

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Vanderbilt expert can speak about police ‘testilying’

Apr. 8, 2015—A shooting in South Carolina illustrates how recording technology is changing the fallout of some police-suspect interactions.

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Scientific risk assessments may result in more equitable sentences

Sep. 11, 2014—Vanderbilt law professor Chris Slobogin says recent criticism of using scientific risk assessments during sentencing is misguided.

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High court’s GPS decision sidesteps larger privacy question: Vanderbilt expert

Jan. 24, 2012—The U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously that a search warrant is needed to plant a physical tracking device on a vehicle. But only four members of the court – not a majority – were willing to go further and hold that continuously monitoring such a device for a month is also a search.

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