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Barbara Stengel

MEDIA TIP SHEET: Experts available on education policy topics

Jan. 11, 2016—As Tennessee lawmakers begin the 2016 legislative session Jan. 12, Peabody College has a wealth of experts available to speak to the press.

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Vanderbilt experts available to discuss Obama’s call for reduced testing in public schools

Oct. 28, 2015—Vanderbilt has several assessment and policy experts available to address this topic.

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TIP SHEET: Vanderbilt experts available for back-to-school stories

Aug. 6, 2015—Topics range from pre-K to post-secondary education.

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Education standards and testing focus of Vanderbilt panel March 9

Feb. 25, 2015—Education researchers and thought leaders from Vanderbilt’s Peabody College will take a deeper look at the issues surrounding Tennessee’s K-12 testing and standards.

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Teaching as a team sport boosts student performance

Nov. 21, 2014—Teaching has turned into a “team sport” at Bailey STEM Magnet Middle School, thanks to a partnership with Vanderbilt’s Peabody College of education and human development.

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Media Advisory: Education experts available for back-to-school stories

Jul. 29, 2014—Education experts from Vanderbilt Peabody College are available to comment on a wide variety of education topics.

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‘Deep dive’ in popular fields is aim of next generation of MOOCs

Jan. 21, 2014—Vanderbilt University and the University of Maryland have teamed up to offer the first trans-institutional sequence of coordinated MOOCs. The sequence focuses on connecting handheld devices with cloud services to offer learners an opportunity to explore a topic in-depth across multiple MOOCs.

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Free Vanderbilt teacher professional development course to be offered online

Apr. 30, 2013—K-12 teachers across the country will have the opportunity to take a professional development course from Vanderbilt University faculty next spring via the university’s partnership with leading massive online open course provider Coursera.

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