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Dillehay receives $510K to study role of gold mining in colonization of South America

Aug. 20, 2018—Anthropology professor Tom Dillehay and co-investigators will undertake anthropological, historical, engineering and geological studies to uncover the many forces shaping the development of the southern Andes.

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Argentine public still wary of United States: LAPOP

Mar. 23, 2016—A survey released while President Obama visited Argentina showed that the public there still mistrusts the U.S. government.

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Argentines mistrust Iran, may not trust community center bombing probe, survey finds

Feb. 20, 2013—Rgw AmericasBarometer survey shows that Argentines may not trust Iran or a jointly established Truth Commission formed to discover the culprits behind a Jewish community center bombing in Buenos Aires 20 years ago.

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Victimization by government corruption important for coup support

May. 16, 2012—Withholding aid from governments with a reputation for corruption can have a "vicious cycle" effect that makes it very difficult for them to progress, according to analysis from the 2010 AmericasBarometer survey by The Latin American Public Opinion Project at Vanderbilt University.

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