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Five faculty elected AAAS fellows

Nov. 27, 2018—Five Vanderbilt University faculty members have been elected new fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the world’s largest general scientific society. 

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Immunotherapies linked to specific heart complications

Nov. 16, 2018—In the first large-scale analysis of cardiovascular complications linked to immune checkpoint inhibitors, Vanderbilt researchers have identified several of the conditions that arise and have determined that they usually appear early in treatment.

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Benefits of smoking cessation take time: study

Nov. 15, 2018—It can take up to 16 years for a smoker's body to return to the same state of health as a non-smoker, but significant benefits do begin to appear right away, according to new research by Meredith Duncan.

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Vanderbilt study suggests way to prevent rare lung disease

Nov. 15, 2018—Pulmonary hypertension may be treated by targeting a bone marrow cell that normally promotes the growth of new blood vessels, according to new research by David Merryman.

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Low health literacy associated with early death for cardiovascular patients

Nov. 8, 2018—Patients hospitalized with a cardiovascular event are more likely to die within one year if they have low health literacy, according to new research by Lindsay Mayberry and Sunil Kripalani.

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Evading cell death

Nov. 8, 2018—Susan Wente and Laura Glass have developed an experimental cell culture model system to investigate the link between stress granules and cell resistance to toxic stress, which could lead to new avenues for treating cancer treatment resistance.

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Vitamin C protects brain from seizures

Nov. 8, 2018—Fiona Harrison and colleagues have found evidence that Vitamin C can help protect brains against seizures and cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease.

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Novel methods to treat glaucoma

Nov. 8, 2018—Rebecca Sappington and colleagues have found that increasing cGMP — part of a signaling pathway that was previously found to regulate intraocular pressure — protects retinal ganglion cells affected by glaucoma.

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Obesity negates beneficial drug effects

Nov. 8, 2018—Lin Zhu and Rob Stafford have found that obesity interferes with cholesterol-improving CTEP inhibitors.

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Team’s findings show glutamine metabolism affects T cell signaling

Nov. 1, 2018—Jeffrey Rathmell and colleagues show that a drug that inhibits glutamine metabolism — currently in clinical trials as an anticancer agent — might also be useful as a treatment for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

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Team seeks to identify immune response to influenza

Nov. 1, 2018—Vanderbilt researchers led by Buddy Creech are searching for the key to lasting protection against influenza by examining naturally protecting cells found in bone marrow.

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Mary Kay Foundation grant to bolster immunotherapy research

Oct. 26, 2018—The grant will allow Charles Caskey to lead research into using ultrasound as an image-guided therapy for drug delivery.

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