WATCH: 5 Vanderbilt Campus Dining sustainability efforts you should know

Photo collage of the 5 sustainability highlights

Vanderbilt Campus Dining is constantly working to make our sustainability program better for our students and the environment! This school year, our team has worked tirelessly to expand the program. Here are 5 things you should know about Campus Dining sustainability: 

 1. ReusePass

The ReusePass program is a campus-wide initiative promoting use of reusable containers at our dining facilities. Since its inception, we’ve saved approximately 28,700 gallons of water and diverted 4,200 pounds of waste from landfills. 

2. Local Suppliers 

We’ve enhanced our menu offerings with a lineup of local suppliers, including HydroHouse Farms for fresh lettuces and arugula, Henosis Farms for unique mushrooms, and Ever Tru Farms for delicious strawberries. These partnerships support local economies while providing diners with fresh, sustainable options. 

3. Tower Gardens

As part of our commitment to sustainability and innovation, we operate 10 LED tower gardens across campus dining halls. Managed by Hydroponics Specialist Kip Bennett, these gardens produce leafy green vegetables like lettuce, arugula and basil right on campus, redefining the concept of “local produce.”


As proud members of The Menus of Change University Research Collaborative, we collaborate on research and education to promote evidence-based food systems innovation. In March, Chef Julien of EBI Dining Hall showcased a plant-forward broccoli slaw as part of the MCURC project, highlighting our commitment to sustainability and reducing food waste. 

5. Surplus Food Donations 

In our dedication to sustainability and community support, we’ve established partnerships with local nonprofit organizations to donate surplus food from our dining halls. Through collaborations with Nashville Rescue Mission, Second Harvest Food Bank and others, we ensure that excess food reaches those in need, reducing waste and supporting our Nashville community.


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