Copilot, a Microsoft AI tool powered by ChatGPT, available for Vanderbilt faculty and staff

Microsoft Copilot, a generative AI tool powered by ChatGPT, is now available to Vanderbilt faculty and staff free of charge through our campus agreement. The tool can enhance searches, help with document creation and summarize websites, and it can be accessed through a web browser at

The feature is embedded in Windows and has been deployed in recent updates to the Windows 11 operating system. This means Copilot’s functionality is available from the computer desktop, including actions like changing settings, summarizing text and opening apps.

If you would like to upgrade your university computer to Windows 11 to use Copilot, or if you would like to disable Copilot on your device, please contact VUIT. All members of the Vanderbilt community are encouraged to follow relevant guidance and policies from Human Resources and Faculty Affairs about the use of Generative AI.

Additional Generative AI resources, including training, guidance, workshops and private tools are available on the Generative AI at Vanderbilt website.

More information and support for Copilot is available from Microsoft.

What’s next: Vanderbilt IT is evaluating Microsoft 365 Copilot, a paid service that brings Copilot to Microsoft 365 applications including Teams, Word, PowerPoint and Excel. We look forward to completing this evaluation soon.